Best Cinemagraphs of May 2018


Hey everyone!

We’re very happy to share with you some of our favourite cinemagraphs of May. Be sure to upload your cinemagraphs to your Flixel gallery as ‘Public’ for your chance to be featured in the future!

featuring: @ThomasBrand, @LivingPhoto.Art, @ashrafularefin, jenff, Zrenjaninac, @gastonoliva, maxfilms, veerdonkvisuals, JonathanH, koi_chiro, @mmmphotommm, @michelmolder


I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that these best cinemagraphs of the month videos are fantastic. However, we haven’t seen any recently. Will they make a comeback?


Hey Renaud! We did take a break from weekly and monthly compilations while we focussed our efforts on other areas of the business. Thank you (and others on Facebook!) for letting me know that these videos are dearly missed. You can expect to see monthly “best of” videos start up again in a couple weeks :wink:. Sorry for the unmentioned hiatus!


Thanks, Vikki! That is great to hear! :smile: