Cinemagraph Brainstorm


Use this space as a cinemagraph brainstorm for your creative ideas!

Use this sames to bounce your ideas off the community member or get help when working on a project. I often keep a note for different cinemagraph ideas and at times I need to bounce some ideas off other creatives. So I hope that this board can be a place where we can explore new ideas and help refine some ideas to help make them a reality.


One of the ideas that I am tinkering with is to do a series of cinemagraphs with a common element. I just just trying to figure out what would work. I am planning to travel around Asia this year and I really want to make a video using this theme. I am thinking chopsticks or something would be cool.

Any thoughts on this? What elements would you use?


Chopsticks could be cool! It’s interesting that they vary in size/shape/material depending on where you are, what you’re eating, age, gender, etc. Could be a good opportunity to create some neat cinemagraphs demonstrating different lifestyles through a seemingly simple object.

It might be a little late with Chinese New Years having passed in February but something for year of the Dog could be fun too!


Thanks Nick. Yeah I was think it would be a cool way to show the different lifestyles and foods from around here.

What are you working on these days?


I’m part of the Customer Success team here at Flixel, so I spend more time helping other people use our apps than using them myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said, when I recently travelled through Asia I tried to take as much video as I could. We went from Shanghai>Hong Kong>KK>Bangkok. I love seeing different cities around the world and trying to find the best local restaurants so most of my footage was of bustling streets, city lights, and whatever delicious food I was stuffing my face with! Hoping to post some of it soon, but as I mentioned in my post about tripods, some of it is a little shaky haha


Ah that’s right! You just had a birthday recently, right? If so Happy belated birthday.

Yeah the tripod rules are annoying at times. My biggest challenge too is switching the brain over to cinemagraph mode. If I am out for stills, I take stills. If I have an idea for a cinemagraph, I focus on that. Must learn to Multitask!

Other than that, I am hoping to get cracking on this idea soon. I have a fresh passport coming soon and prices are cheap to Japan right now.

So the idea that I have at the moment is chopsticks in front of one of those moving sushi conveyor belts. Might be kind of cool.


You remind me of my first trip to the US.
We visited friends in South Carolina, went through Charleston, up through to WDC, Boston and NYC.

Something that quickly drew my attention was all the crazy cool fire hydrants around. They’re something unique to the US (maybe Canada too), and I was fascinated with all the colours and styles and neighbourhoods they were found in.
I started a bit of a photography project and tried to capture a bunch but I wasn’t there long enough to really make something of it.

But I always thought it would’ve made something cool, though I bet someone has done a photography book like that already.
But it sounds like something you’re looking for.

Another idea I had (years ago as a young, young man - important to remember this) I always thought it would be funny to do a lads’ travel book about places guys would stop and take a leak, haha.
I figured seeing all sorts of sites around the world, with a tiny splash on the edge of frame, or a long shot of a guy standing next to his car in front of a huge mountain, doing his business.
Never showing any tiddly bits, but the idea of all the places you could visit and a guy doing what a guy does. Haha.


ha ha a guy taking a leak would make an interesting cinemagraph! LOL


So update on my project. I have ordered some “lightsaber” chopstick and am going to test them out here and see how they work. I want something visually striking that really grabs the viewer’s attention and pulls them into the cinemagraph. It might be a bit much but we shall see.


That’s awesome! You could do a cute cinemagraph of a couple or some friends both ‘fighting’ to get the last piece of food with their lightsaber chopsticks :laughing:


Ha, lightsaber chopsticks. I love it! If you find yourself in Hiroshima, give me a shout ^-^. I should point out that there are a lot of drunk businessmen in Japan who find some pretty interesting places to take a leak, so two birds with one stone maybe? Mario will no doubt be jealous :wink:.


Awesome and I might pop in at some point. Flights from Korea to Japan are insanely cheap at the moment.