Cinemagraphs and Drones


I think that the Mavic Pro is better option @JasonTeale, mainly because
the signal strength is much better than the Air…which can be a real problem…
If the wind is gentle, and you have good gps signal and satellite :artificial_satellite: locked, the tripod mode can work perfectly for Cinemagraphs, just keep in mind that even so you might need to stabilize the footage on the editing afterwards too, to keep it “perfect”…:wink:


@michelmolder is your man. He’s done some drone cinemagraphs so probably has some insight into this.

‘Tripod mode’ is apparently a godsend.


Well I am pulling the trigger on this today. I have been given “permission” to pick up a drone if I want. SO we shall see how this little adventure goes. If anything, I will have some nice BTS scenes from here in Korea as well as some better cityscape shots. Not sure how many red “no fly” zones there are around here…


Please share your progress. I’ll be interested to see how it goes!


I am happy with my Mavic Air, because is portable and has 4k. You need 4k because you will always crop the movie, when you do the stabilisation of your footage.
ND filters on your drone is also a must.

I am not an expert in Cinemagraphs, but this one of my first tests captured from the Mavic Air. I did not have ND filters at the time:


Nice work. It’s cool to see new possibilities with drones!


yeah those are some great examples. I will really have to give this a try when the drone gets here. Thanks for the advice to @Boldsen


Nice work :wink:

I´m using the Polar Pro Cinema series with Mavic Pro they have really good quality!


We’ve been seeing more and more drone/aerial cinemagraphs uploaded to Flixel! :airplane: Created a gallery specifically for them:


I just picked up some of those and can’t wait to get out and use them. So far I have been testing my own capabilities and trying not to crash it! So far so good.


Awesome. Hopefully I can add a few more in the coming months! It is really fun using a drone. Have you had a chance to try one @cassandraking?


Hiii. Also active on this forum now. I’m also using a drone, the Phantom4 Pro+.
I just shot some material in Indonesia, it definitely works for Cinemagraphs as well. The stabilizing is working really great.


Hi @ThomasBrand! Glad to have you on the forums :tada:

One of our developers has the standard DJI Phantom 4 and also really enjoys it.

Looking forward to seeing what you create!


I’ve actually never tried to use a drone before! I think I would have a lot of fun with it though. Would love to have a small one to bring travelling and camping.


i also want to show your progress, kindly show up
have a close look at best drones under 300 dollars


I have to say that the change in perspective is great for making eye-catching cinemagraphs. Most recent cinemagraph from the onther morning


Hey all! I’d love to publish a blog post on drone recommendations for creating aerial cinemagraphs for the holidays. Because you are the experts, it’d be wonderful if those wanting to participate could write a blurb on your recommendation, models you’ve tried/experiences, etc — along with a link of your favorite drone cinemagraph you’ve created. It can be as brief or in-depth as you’d like! Let me know what you think! I can be reached at as well.

@JasonTeale @Boldsen @ThomasBrand @ixhumni @CinePix @michelmolder


Yes, I will help contribute with knowledge about drone cinemagraphs.


Sounds great to me! Just let me know when you need it by and I will drop you a line.


Sure @vikkidziuma but I´ve only used the mavic pro, so far…:wink: regards