How is it best to create a spinning coin cinematography


Just curious if any one know how to create a spinning coin Cinemagraph like in this image. Does anyone have any tips?


Hi @girafka that’s Mario Flixel @CinePix …he´ll reply…:wink:


Can’t wait. His Cinemagraphy is brilliant!


exactly! @CinePix is amazing and how he uses cinemagraph pro to make his cinemagraphs is amazing. I am really curious to hear how he made the spinning coin happen.


Mario is a true wizzard. Absolutely love his creativity. I have to say that I’m afraid the masterpiece with the spinning coin is a little bit more advanced than simply shooting video and masking out the still frame (After Effects). I do know Mario uses Cinemagraph Pro extensively though due to it’s awesome export settings.


Exactly. Which is why I am really curious how made it all happen. I read somewhere that he said that he did it all in the field or something like that but the spinning coin looks a little to complicated for just masking out in cinemagraph pro