How to create a spinning floating object cinemagraph


Add some extra magic to your cinemagraph with a floating object :+1:

How did I do it? One simple way to achieve this effect is by using a spinning display stand:wink:.

Step 1
Set the spinner on a tripod with your object spinning on top and hit record. In this shot I also placed a black object (Moment iPhone Lens) on the spinner. As you will see later, this made it easier for me to blend the bottom of the ornament, which is also black, with the still photo I will import.

Step 2
After recording your video, take a still shot of your subject without the stand and spinning object. In this example I had to make sure my hand was in the right spot and that my son was looking in the place where the ornament was spinning.

Step 3
Lastly, import your still photo into Cinemagraph Pro and carefully blend the photo and video together. There may be a slight difference in lighting, so you will need to adjust the brush opacity to achieve a seamless blend. In this capture I also used the brush with 10% opacity on the eyes a little to get some glimmer action and voilà :+1::grin:.

Merry Christmas!