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Hi to all the creators :wink:

I’ll try to resume a bit the workflow of the last adventure that I’ve had, yesterday at the snow in the highest mountain in :portugal: Serra da Estrela (Star :star:️ Mountain :mountain: )

Even that it’s not Switzerland :switzerland: , somehow the type of weather and landscape reminded me a lot my last year adventure at Gronergrat :switzerland:
There was this moments of Amazing Light and Constant Changes but with really heavy winds, cold temperatures, which make it hard to keep hands without gloves for a few seconds, and managing the camera settings…so you might think that it’s impossible to have good tripod shoots with such conditions, but the first thing I’ve done was to turn the stabilizer on, so that it can help with the wind, used a tripod, but kept my hands holding firmly the camera on tripod head, so that to minimize the shacking of the terrible weather, afterwards when editing the footage will need to stabilize it too, but this way can use the footage of such glorious moments, which makes my soul to shine and vibrate with such perfection on the landscape…an amazing grace within is what I feel when I’m experience in real-time that ever changing beauty, with the clouds formation, the light changes so rapidly that you really need to know the equipment and all the different settings options available, so that you capture in the best possible way!

Given that the sensor can’t see the bright surfaces as we do with our :eyes:, always use exposure compensation for the snow, to have pure whites, instead of dull greys…+2 or +3 depending from the intensity of light!
Generally on landscapes always use the different ND Lee Filters , but given the strong wind, it would be crazy to use the Lee support, risking to break them, and adding more vibrations to the footage…so not a good idea at this moment, instead used only the BW polarizer, without the lens protector, which in this case would contribute to the shaking, which we really want to avoid or minimize to the minimum!
As for camera settings, the s-log 2 or 3 it’s a good way the balance the height and low light contrast, but in this case it was better to use one of the cine profile, which will make a better colrograding afterwards…you can check that in real-time, by looking at the histogram, the amount of info is visible, decide wisely and think ahead what you want to achieve…in this case I’m thinking in colorgrading the best amount of info on an 8bit codec :wink:

Finding a balance with the exposure at landscape without ND grads, it’s not easy, especially when light changes so fast with heavy winds, but it’s a compromise that you’ll manage to work out, sometimes it’s better to compromise a bit the extremes on the highlights, than to have an unusable dark footage with lots of noise :wink:

So this was the capture moment, afterwards will edit the footage to accomplish the final phase of the finished Flixel, maybe next week will share some of them here!
Warm regards to all and keep the good work and inspiration !

Keep your batteries next to your body heat to keep them warm and charged :wink:image|690x193


Great to see you in the Forum @ixhumni :wave:


Thanks Robert, my pleasure too :wink::+1::v:️It is precious to all the Artist to have such place :star:️:point_up:️ Regards


Great to see you here! I really like your tips in this article. It gives some great insight into your process. I looks like an amazing landscape! I have always wanted to go there. You also reminded me that I should pick up some new filters. I am thinking of investing in NiSi filters as they have a system that can fit over my Tokina 16-28mm.


Thanks @JasonTeale it is a special place here in :portugal:…this time had a kind of dejá-vu with the weather conditions in Switzerland :switzerland: saw one of the most beautiful cloud formations happening blazing fast…hope it will make some beautiful flixel in the editing process!
Have some friends with that Filters NiSi, and they have great quality too withneutral color cast…just be careful that they seam to scratch easily.


Excellent. I will certainly come and visit sometime. Just waiting on my new passport.

Yeah the scratches are what concerns me. The last thing that I want is to drop a lot of money on a filter and scratch it up.


Here is one of the first from this Star Mountain Series :wink:


And another one :wink:


These are amazing! I love the clouds. Also the light and perspective are spot on


Thanks @JasonTeale…the clouds were one of the hardest video to stabilize, was recorded on open space without a place to avoid the severe wind, but Fcpx did a good job, even with the rolling shutter wable all over the mountains :mountain: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One more :wink:


woah! that is awesome.


These are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring.


Thanks),Good inspiration;) Regards