Saving files


I’m a bit confused, can you tell how do I have to save the files pls. Export? Uploading them? How?


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Thanks for reaching out!

Cinemagraph documents can be saved in Cinemagraph Pro for macOS by going to the Cinemagraph Pro Menu>File>Save, or the keyboard shorctut Command+S.

Cinemagraph documents are automatically saved in Cinemagraph Pro for iOS after each edit you make.

Once you are done editing, there are a variety of options for sharing your cinemagraphs.

Uploading through our app will post the cinemagraph to your gallery space on our website. Many people like to upload them as Public for the chance to be featured in our community gallery. You can also make use of our embed code for cinemagraphs uploaded in this way.

If you are planning to post your cinemagraph on social media or give to a friend/client, you’ll want to export it as a video file and share/post directly.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



I tried the same as of now getting loading error at the final space time.



Hi @timlodarke

Sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. You mentioned a loading error, where are you seeing this? Please provide a screenshot of it.

We have noticed an issue that occurs when exporting cinemagraphs with the Instagram preset that use a Bounce loop and and the Delay feature. A workaround is to ensure the export frame rate is set to variable.

Let me know if this helps!