Stock galleries and selling cinemagraphs


How are your experiences with selling cinemagraphs via stock galleries?
maybe more questions, but hope that there are some creators who are interested about this topic and also are able to share their experiences :wink:

  • do you sell regularly or just occasionally in some stock gallery?
  • how often do you submit stuff to the stock and how often do you sell something there?
  • which stock galleries are the best for cinemagraphs selling?
  • are you satisfied with payments + pricing policy?
  • would you recommend any stock gallery for selling as a relevant part of income (or at least “motivational part of income”)?


Hi. I’m sure this will be an interesting topic of conversation. :wave:

Flixel has been working with Shutterstock, Getty and talking to the other key players in stock. I think 2018 will bring many great opportunities for the Flixel Community to work directly with Flixel to help elevate the market for cinemagraphs.

Our creative agency, Flixel Studios works regularly with leading brands, agencies, and social networks, and we’ve developed a deep understanding of what it will take to truly help cinemagraph artists monetize their work as stock.

Having the only cinemagraph-specific software tools and hosting platform, means we can offer stock and services that will truly be unique. Take Alexandre Miguel aka @ixhumni as an example. Alexandre has created something like 4,000 stock-ready cinemagraphs with Cinemagraph Pro. He’s already positioned himself to benefit from the growing demand for high quality stock cinemagraphs.

My advice would be to start creating and uploading to your Flixel Gallery. That’s already the place that the small stock cinemagraph services troll looking for content to sell.

We’ll have more news about Flixel Stock soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy Alexandre’s work in his Flixel Gallery. Just make sure you have a lot of time to spare.


Just coming back to this conversation now that Flixel have announced their stock site coming soon. Very excited about this because I think Flixel are in a great position to do it very well.

I’ve listed previously with Come Alive Images, but like some other boutique and cinemagraph dedicated agencies they served me better in terms of getting some custom cinemagraph gigs rather than generating many stock sales. I’ve heard other listed with Gallereplay say the same.

Unfortunately the big microstock sites give very little back and price them very low. But that’s also where the volume of buyers go too. My ideal mix would be to have my best work listed exclusive with Flixel on their stock site so that it has the potential to be rights-managed and fetch a premium for clients who want more unique work and potentially willing to pay more for exclusive use licenses. But then have some other work listed direct across a few of the microstock sites too.

All my stock sales so far have come from direct enquiries after people have seen my work on Flixel or my Instagram. I’ve quoted on probably 20 requests over the last few years and never dropped my price too low… which means I’ve only sold a few from those requests but at a good price. For example sold one non-exclusive 2 days ago for US$400.

Interested to hear others thought :wink:


Yes, very excited about Flixel launching a stock site and looking forward to hearing more details. A very smart move :+1: ! I am currently listed with both Come Alive Images and Gallereplay. I’ve made quite a few sales recently via the latter, which is very nice. However, my biggest sales are, as Jon mentioned above, through direct enquiries after people see my work on Flixel or Instagram. For example, I recently sold a cinemagraph to BMW. They came across one of my captures in the Flixel gallery and then contacted me directly. A BIG thank you to the folks at Flixel for adding some of my work to their galleries! :pray::slightly_smiling_face: Would definitely love to list some of my recent and best work with Flixel on their new stock site.