Tips for posting HD cinemagraphs on social media?


When you upload a video to social media, it gets converted to the platform’s preferred format which often reduces the quality. In order to maintain the highest possible quality for your cinemagraphs on social media, use the appropriate preset when exporting from Cinemagraph Pro for macOS + iOS.

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TIPS :arrow_left:

  • Square and portrait cinemagraphs tend to look better than landscape on social media. If your cinemagraph is landscape, you may want to consider cropping it to 1:1.
  • Make sure HD is selected as your video default quality on and that HD uploads are enabled on the mobile app.

What are your best tips for uploading cinemagraphs on social media?


Totally agree when it comes to Instagram, cropping to square still works best for some shots. Landscape still suits if the subject is fairly large and centered in the frame and the movement is reasonably obvious (that way it’s enough to capture attention when people are scrolling through their feed). With the subject centered on landscape (or portrait) it also makes it look better in it’s thumbnail that’s auto-square-cropped… that can makes a huge difference to how many people click into it on hashtag feeds and like or comment on it.

The reality is a huge number of people are now browsing from mobile devices so even on Facebook the square crop can be better. I’m still a bit torn over portrait/vertical for Facebook however, it looks great for mobile viewing but I can’t help but think of those who will be on desktop.

A lot of people ask me online what res I post at because they think my videos look better/sharper quality. To be honest I don’t think it matters as long as you’re not posting anything less than 720 wide. My understanding is that Instagram a while back changed their format to render uploads to 1080 wide but clearly it displays them at a smaller size… so many people have said uploading at 720 wide produced good results. Personally I upload at a minimum 1080 because that’s the width they are supposedly saving videos to and a downsize will in theory always produce sharper images than an upscale. But with IG you just never know, that could all have changed sometime too. I often upload 4K videos from my iPhone and they render just as well as HD uploads. I also wonder if Instagram determines if you post a lot of video content and allocates better compression to your posts. Likewise they may even prioritize bigger accounts, business accounts (they did that on Facebook at one stage)… it’s hard to know.

It’s worth mentioning the Vero app too, a lot of us have now started posting out work on there now too, such as Mario @CinePix who has been really championing the platform and recently got featured for his cinemagraph work there. I don’t think anyone has left Instagram for it but it’s certainly worth giving it some focus because it handles video really nicely, much less compression and you can open to full screen. It uses a little repeat loop on thumbnail views too which is fantastic. It also has a really good community and high engagement levels. I wouldn’t be surprised if that makes IG pick up their game, hopefully improving video compression and adding features like full screen viewing.


I feel pretty much the same way. I typically upload at 1080. While I struggle sometimes with the quality, it may be just a matter of the instagram compression.

I am really enjoying Vero as well. I like a lot of the features that it has and it really presents cinemagraphs well. I have used Vero now as my dedicated cinemagraph account.


LinkedIn is growing in popularity. If you want to include a cinemagraph video in your LinkedIn posts I would export a 1080p loop of about 30 seconds. It will autoplay but it won’t loop. If you are writing a LinkedIn article, you’ll need to roll-back to using GIFs. Hopefully they’ll add support for Flixel embeds soon.


I was wondering about linkedin the other day. So 1080 p at 30 sec. I might just have to revisit that site and update a few things. Thanks for the tips Robert!


I’ve done my own tests in 720p and never been impressed by any differences, so I currently create most of my work in 4k, airdrop or Dropbox to my phone and post straight to IG.

One thing I have noticed, is that if your shot is longer than, I think 10 seconds, you get a timecode showing in the top right hand corner of the cinemagraph. I never noticed until someone asked me how I got rid of it, and I realised that longer cinemagraphs show the timecode.

Another thing that’s worth considering, is cropping for quality.
Without a doubt, 16x9 shots look far worse than square, 3x2, 2x3 and 4x5. It’s important to crop for the shot, so while I prefer everything to be 4x5 vertical for quality’s sake, sometimes your shot loses some of the composition and story if you narrow it down too much, so going square or another format works better.

But if quality is all you’re concerned about, I don’t think anything beats 4x5 vertical.

As @mrjonkane mentioned, though, Vero is absolutely the place to be if you’re really trying to chase good quality. The CTO has a VFX background and kept quality a high priority for them, so any crop you post looks great. Sadly, if you turn your phone or click on the file to go full screen, you don’t have auto-loop, so you’ll have to make a longer cinemagraph for Vero, to accommodate anyone going full screen. But the fact that you can go to a larger view is awesome too.

I think many of us who publish on IG feel our work and audiences lose out because the screens are so tiny and people miss details and stuff we put such hard work into.

Good news though… Vero is working on an iPad version too! So that opens a whole new world of having an online portfolio with you.


yeah the cropping thing I sort of stumbled across recently. I always did the same as you. Just max res and airdrop to instagram. Recently, I was playing around with different aspect ratios and noticed how much better 4x5 looked over the 16x9.

I am really liking Vero too. I must admit that I have to get cracking on finding an aurience over there. Basically, I just want to connect with people and chat. So, I will try and spend a little more time on it this week and see what I can do.


LinkedIn seems to be testing loop functionality now. Videos at 7 seconds will autoplay/loop, though like Facebook cover videos, it seems the availability of this feature might vary per account.


Regarding the Instagram countdown timer, 15 seems to be the cut off. Anything under should be fine! Just wanted to let you know incase you ever need to take advantage of a few extra seconds :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Jason. It looks like things are quickly changing on LinkedIn. We’ve seen short videos now autoplaying AND looping. It works for some and not others, so LinkedIn is clearly in a bit of a test mode with this. In any case, it’s great to see LinkedIn finally catching up.


I totally agree, Robert. This could be a good way for professionals and companies to see the power of cinemagraphs. Might be time to blow off the digital dust on my Linkedin profile and see what it can do.