Using Cinemagraph Pro with other apps


Do you use Cinemagraph Pro with other apps? Many of you combine Flixel tools with products from Adobe, Apple, and others. Some of you even use consumer focused apps like Werble and Plotagraph.

Have you read the terms and conditions for products like Werble and Plotagraph? I think you’d be shocked. Who owns the content you create with those apps? Are you allowed to create content for commercial use?

Both Plotagraph and now Werble have tried to take legal action against customers that combined Cinemagraph Pro with those tools. Plotagraph’s terms say you cannot call a video created with their app a “cinemagraph.” They even threatened legal action against a very well known fashion photographer who uploaded Plotagraphs to her Flixel gallery. And Werble says you cannot use their app to create commercial work. Their terms seem to imply that they don’t actually own all the effects that are in their software.

Very strange. What’s been your experience. Do you read terms and conditions for the products you use?


The paid version no doubt has great addons. But the crash is something to really worry about.

H. Smith . .