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Create an account on the forums to post topics, participate in discussions, follow threads, and more. For consistency, we recommend signing up for an account with your Flixel username. Continue reading to review guidelines and tips for posting in the forums and learn how to manage your preferences.

:pencil2: Posting

  • The Flixel Forums are a shared resource for community learning. Keep the forums clean and engage in civilized discussions. If you come across a post that does not adhere to these guidelines, you can flag it. To flag a topic or reply, click on the more icon below the post and select the flag.

  • ​Before adding a new topic, use the search tab to find out if it already exists. When creating a topic, make sure to select the appropriate category and subcategory. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the forums, let us know in the Site Feedback category.

  • Mentions are a great way to address or notify specific users. Type the @ symbol in the editor and browse to select the individual(s) you want to mention in your post.

  • When sharing links (with the exception of flixel.com gallery links), enter the URL on its own line in the editor. This will create a simple HTML preview of the resource which users are more likely to click on.

  • If you think your reply will divert from the original topic, you can click on the link icon below the post and select New Topic to reply as a linked topic.

:eyes: Flixel Embeds
The best way to share cinemagraphs on the forums is to embed it using the Flixel embed code. To embed a cinemagraph in a topic or reply, upload it to your profile and click Embed > Embed Code. Paste the embed code into the editor and preview your post. Embedding your cinemagraphs on the forums will not affect your embed views.

:bar_chart: ​Polls
To create a poll, click on the gear icon in the editor and select Build Poll. Customize your poll options and click Insert Poll to preview your post.

:medal_sports: Activity
Click on your username under the profile tab to review your topics, replies, likes, and bookmarks. An overview of your activity along with other stats can be found on the Summary page. To save a post, click on the more icon below the post and select the bookmark. You can quickly access your bookmarks by selecting the corresponding icon under the profile tab.

:email: ​Messaging
Click on the messages icon under the profile tab to send direct messages and view your inbox. If you don’t want to receive messages from other users, you can disable messages in your notification preferences.

:gear: Preferences
Click on the settings icon under the profile tab to manage your preferences.

Account | Update your name, email address, password, and profile picture
Profile | Update your bio, location, website, and background images
Emails | Specify which emails you want to receive and how they’re displayed
Notifications | Manage which events and categories you receive notifications for
Interface | Set your homepage and other default behaviors