Which website builder do you use?


Hey everyone! We often get asked what’s the preferred website builder to host a cinemagraph portfolio. Our embed code is supported on a variety of sites and we want to hear which builder you like best. Let us know why it’s your favourite, or if we haven’t listed yours, in the comments below!

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • PageCloud
  • Squarespace
  • Format
  • Photofolio
  • Other

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I haven’t built a website using any of these tools but have tested Flixel embed codes on WordPress, Wix, PageCloud, Squarespace and Format. As someone with little experience designing websites, I found PageCloud’s editor to be extremely intuitive. To embed a cinemagraph, all you have to do is use the shortcut Command-V and paste the embed code. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

P.S. If you want to learn how to embed cinemagraphs to websites built with the tools listed above, check out the Sharing collection in the Help Center! :wink:


I think that many of the newer “drag and drop” builders support that cleverly designed embed code. Also do check out the “my portfolio” option from adobe. It is included in the cloud bundle that you get when you subscribe to adobe products and it also works well for cinemagraphs. Here is an example:


I have quite a bit of experience in web design as it is a huge part of my job. Right now I have to say that Wix is by far the best in terms of both user-friendliness and aesthetic quality. Wix is fantastic for beginners thanks to its simple drag and drop interface, but at the same time, still allows for an incredible amount of freedom so that more experienced users can go that step further to create a really impressive site. I made this website using Wix: livingphoto.art. It’s a new website, so it’s still a work in progress, but it will give you an idea of what Wix is capable of. One thing I like about Wix is that you can easily turn the entire background of a website into a living photo. Furthermore, you can change opacity, add a variety of filters and adjust the loop to that video background. You can also add animations and interactive elements, too. Definitely worth looking into if you plan on creating a website to host your cinemagraphs ^-^ .


My website www.cinemagraph.nl is created in wordpress. I use a theme created by a very smart dude in Portugal (www.pirenko.com) and made him customize everything to suit my needs.
In my opinion it is key for visitors to see as much work as possible in one page. Problem with cinemagraphs is, when you use multiple moving pieces on one page, it slows down the whole thing a lot. On my homepage you will see 5 cinemagraphs moving all at once. It’s not the fastest loading page on the web but fast enough. I really wanted to have the loops playing automatically without having to scroll, hover, click, in short: without any action from the viewer.

When you go to the gallery, things get a little more complicated. Multiple pieces are shown here and it would not work to have them playing all at once, so we used a rollover function here to make them play. Clicking makes them fullscreen.

For mobile it is yet another story. In the gallery the main image is video, the rest are GIFS. Not the best quality but it does show movement which in my eye is the most important feature of a cinemagraph.

I get a lot of positive feedback and in general I’m still quite pleased with how we put everything together. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions, and don’t hesitate to reach out to my friend Pirenko, he is a wordpress wizzard!


Hello, Michel,
thank you for your mail. Unfortunately, I myself have no idea how to set up a website. A friend of mine programmed a page for me with wordpress some time ago. However, it is very simple and I am no longer satisfied with it.
Do you know a wordpress theme that specializes in embed codes for videos? I want to keep the site very clean and not overloaded. This is my current page: http://www.ideenwandler.com/
Thank you for every tip from you.
All the best